I've created a mixed effects logistic regression model using proportional data, and I'm having trouble interpreting my residual plot. I've been taught that when looking at the residuals, I should be worried about clumps and wedge-shapes. I'm not necessarily seeing either of those in my plot, but I am seeing a distinct downward trend in the residuals (screenshot below). I'm not sure what this means-can I still use this model, or does this trend indicate that some assumption is not met?

These are the residuals that I see if I write plot(Model1): enter image description here

This is what I get if I write plot(residuals(Model1): enter image description here

Does it matter which way I view the residuals? They look fine to me in the second photo, but the first photo has that linear trend.

I've uploaded a sample of my data to dropbox, in case that is helpful for troubleshooting this. The data can be found here

I'm doing a mixed-effects proportional logistic regression in r, using the glmer function in the lme4 package. I'm looking at the effect of temperature on behavior. The model I created is:

Model1<-glmer(AverageResponse~AverageTemperature+LightPeriod+(1|Location), data=SampleDataset, family=binomial)

Any help is greatly appreciated! If any additional information is necessary in order to answer this question, please let me know!


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