I have a system which measures weight of plants. The weight is measured through four weight cells on a "plate".

A spray is applied for 3 seconds from under the plate, and waits 60 seconds for the next spray (a "cycle" being 63 seconds).

When measuring in real time, the weight fluctuates due to the spray which is applied and so the weight goes up and down. At the moment we know that the weight of the plants is 0g (because they have not yet begin to sprout) and the data we have so far is simply the weight of the spray on the plate.

How can I process the data so that the fluctuated data is the equivalent of "0g"?

enter image description here Figure. The weight on y-axis, and time on x-axist. The plot only represents the fluctuation in weight from the spray, where the plant weight is 0g.


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