We have a syslog dataset with different Timestamps and 3 other features pertaining to syslog information such as Process, Trace information, SeverityType etc. Below is the dataset format with Timestamp and f1 ,f2,f3 features with different values along with SeverityType.

Timestamp f1 f2 f3 SeverityType


t1-11:05:43.121 val val val info

t2-11:05:43.221 val val val err

t3-11:05:43.321 val val val notice

t4-11:05:43.421 val val val info

t5-11:05:43.521 val val val critical

t6-11:05:43.621 val val val info

t7-11:05:43.721 val val val notice

t8-11:05:43.821 val val val err



t10-11:05:44.121 val val val warning

t11-11:05:44.221 val val val alert

t12-11:05:44.321 val val val info

We want to see if we can row aggregate instances such that for every second we want to get only one instance rather than many. For this type of dataset is there anyway we can do the row wise aggregation of the different features ? For e.g. by considering to aggregate the records in 1 second time interval from t1 to t8.


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