Suppose I need to combine or group together set of vectors in one area and another group in other areas, however I need to place these groups in a plot so they are scattered in the screen per similarity or dissimilarity.

  • the vectors are actually word2vec, therefore each group is sentence
  • I thought of adding individual vectors in each group, (word vectors) but how it will represent similar words in different groups.
  • the next step is to plot this in Python (preferably) or R.

Attached is an conceptual graph of what am trying to do.enter image description here

  • OK, let say I have Group 1: consists of 3 vectors, Group 2: 4 vectors, Group 3: 2 vectors. between group 1 and 2 for example, 1 vector is similar, now I need to find similarities between the groups as I need the vectors to remain enclosed in groups. Hope the image attached can help

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