I have simple question after running multiple imputation what the purpose of pooling?

Suppose if i run a multiple imputation using method cart , after running this imputation technique i get very stable density plot between observed and imputation values. So my understanding is that after that i can assign any imputation to the data which are missing as my density plot telling me imputation process is fine for all m=20

imp<- mice(data.combined_subset,m=20,maxit=50,method="cart",seed=147) densityplot(imp, xlim = c(2.5, 80), ylim = c(0, 0.1)) data.combined_subset$age<-complete(imp,1)

After that what is the purpose of pooling?

model1 <- with(imp,lm(Age~ X1+X2+X3))



What is pooling usage in imputation? Do we really get some value from pooling and impute into data.combine_subset$Age which has null value?




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