I have a table that looks like this

  --Predicted --------------------
      Blue    | 0.15 | 0.25  | 0.4  
      Green   | 0.15 | 0.475 | 0.2  
      Red     | 0.7  | 0.275 | 0.4 
              | Red  | Green | Blue 
              ----  Actual --------

The sum of each column is equal to one. They are actually the conditional probabilities, for example the probability to predict a red when the actual was red is 70%. Similarly, the probability to predict a blue when the actual one was green was 25%, etc...

How do I calculate the mutual information for this table please? I dont think that is possible with only these numbers above, i need the counts in each cell I believe, is that right? For example, how are you going to calc the prob that a ball has a real/actual color of red? Thanks!


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