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I am working on a binary Machine Learning classification problem. My classifiers are really performing poorly because distribution of the 1 class is very similar to 0 class (dataset is imbalanced, 1 representing 5%)

I am trying to compare density plots of the 1 and 0 classes across features. I am having trouble interpreting this plot. Shape is similar though height differs significantly.

  • Can a Machine Learning Algorithm classify well with this kind of distribution ?
  • What do I learn from these plots ?

Thanks a lot for your help =)

  • $\begingroup$ This page might provide an answer to what you can learn from such plots. This page specifically talks about the heights of density plots. Basically, these plots are scaled so that the area under each of them equals 1. Please look over those pages and edit your question to be more specific about the issues that you still think are unresolved. $\endgroup$ – EdM Apr 10 at 22:12

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