first of all, thank you for your time, here is my question;

Is it possible to find emprical PDF by using normalized histogram?

I am trying to learn discrete event simulation and what I see is there is lots of statistical models which I am not so much familiar with. More specificly;

I have data points such as ; 26.5 74.1 80.3 72.3 87.7 60.9 98.3 52.1 40.8 74.3 13.4 92.5 79.2 74.1 84.1 42.6 57.3 65.4 66.5 72.5 55.2 33.2 79.2 33.9 18.4 83.6 10.4 56.3 82.5 99.8 49.9 19.6 68.3 45.4 59.9 16.8

And I find histogram like this


From there, what I really want is find the emprical PDF by using histogram that I obtained and make a graph like this;

enter image description here

Please note that, this is not a homework or something like that and also I actually solving and constructing histogram by hand. After that When I find this PDF, I will compare mean and variance by using it. I am assuming that I have to look to the histogram and make an assumption maybe?

Thank you again


If you standardize your histogram, you get a probability density function. In your case, this pdf will be a very poor approximation of the real pdf that rendered the process you measured, since you got only 36 data points. Having so few data, I would only compute the median and the mean of the data. Since your data are numerical, I wouldn't fit any model with less than 100 data points.

  • $\begingroup$ Thank you for your contribution. I know data is not enough but I was just warming myself on concept. $\endgroup$ – Ozzzy Apr 11 at 14:34

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