I read many papers that used mixture model to predict, for example, The diagnosis of a disease.

For example, assume that there are a measurements on different variables for healthy patient and patient with a disease. Then, we can use a mixture model to indicate whether the patient is healthy or suffer from this disease, as the mixture model introduces a latent variables that takes 1 if the patient is healthy and 0 otherwise. For example, assume a mixture copula model is used as a prediction model to diagnosis a disease. Copula models the dependency structure among variables. Then, the mixture model, indicates from which copula each observation came from. So, how can I predict a new patient? How can I run a model for only one patient?
In other words, the mixture model requires estimating the model parameters and we need to have a quite large number of observations, say 500, to run the model. So, how we can run a model for only one patient? how can a mixture model help me to predict the status of a future patient?


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