Let's say I have 3 classes, and each sample can belong to any of those classes.

[1 0 0]
 [0 1 0]
 [0 0 1]
 [1 1 0]
 [1 0 1]
 [0 1 1]
 [1 1 1]

I set my output as Dense(3, activation="sigmoid"), and I compiled with optimizer="adam", loss="binary_crossentropy". I guet 0.05 for loss, and 0.98 for accuracy, according to Keras output.

I thought I would get only 1 or 0 for prediction if I use sigmoid and binary_crossentropy. However, model.predict(training-features) gave me values between 1 and 0.

Then I clipped the values at 0.5 like below and checked accuracy_score(training_labels, preds). The score dropped to 0.1.

preds[preds>=0.5] = 1
preds[preds<0.5] = 0

I'd appreciate if someone could give me some guidance on how I should approach this problem.



Okay, things you need to correct in your approach:

  1. If you have 3 labels/classes, you should one-hot encode your y_train.
  2. You probably should use loss=categorical_crossentropy in compile for more than 2 classes.
  3. Your final activation function should be a softmax and not a sigmoid. You are getting prediction values between 0 and 1, because that's what sigmoid does.

Now, if you take an argmax on your prediction output, you can see the class with the highest confidence score.


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