I've gone ahead and clustered a dataset using a Euclidian Hierarchical Clustering algorithm:

from scipy import cluster

distance_metric = 'euclidean'
linkage_matrix = cluster.hierarchy.linkage(X_norm_not_missing, method='single', metric=distance_metric)

I'm then calculating the Cophenetic Coefficient in order to determine the goodness of fit of the clustering:

from scipy.spatial.distance import pdist

cophenetic_corr_coef, _ = cluster.hierarchy.cophenet(linkage_matrix, pdist(X_norm_not_missing))

However, this calculates the values using the full hierarchical cluster, rather than a pruned one. When I go ahead and plot it, for example, I can specify a p value to truncate the dendogram:

                             # no more than p levels of the dendogram tree are displayed

However, I'm not seeing a way to prune the actual model/linkage matrix, rather than simply the depiction of the dendogram of the linkage matrix. How can I go ahead and prune the hierarchical cluster that has been generated in order to calculate the Cophenetic Coefficient for a truncated Hierarchical Clustering algorithm?


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