I am a new one in Data Science and Machine Learning. I have some experience in Java, Python, SQL, Jupyter and most polular libraries like scikit-learn, numpy, pandas, tensorflow, keras. What tools would you recommend else? And what OS is more suitable for DS (I've heard that Debian)?


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A few essential packages come to mind that every Python statisticians must know:

SciPy, which is based on NumPy, extends NumPy capabilities. You can do linear algebra, probability theory, integral calculus and many more tasks with SciPy.

StatsModels - estimating of statistical models, conducting statistical tests, and statistical data exploration.

Matplotlib - 2-dimensional static plotting, from histograms and scatterplots to non-Cartesian coordinates graphs

Seaborn - high-level API based on matplotlib. It has better default settings for statistical charts, along with a rich collection of visualizations including some complex types like time series, jointplots, and violin diagrams.


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