Constructs: 1. Humility: Independent variable 2. Personal attitude: Mediator 3. Subjective Norm: Mediator 4. Perceived behavioural control: Mediator. 5. Intention: Dependent Variable

Problem: When I When I test mediation for each mediator Model 1: Humility and Intention mediated by Personal Attitude. p value = 0.000 Model 2: Humility and Intention mediated by perceived behavioural control.p value 0,000 Model 3: Humility and Intention mediated by Subjective norm 0.04

Issue: Model 4: All mediators put together. Subjective norm becomes insignificant 0.12. What is the proper way to report mediation? Should I report the relationship mediated by each mediator separately ? Or should I report when all mediators are thrown in the model only two mediators remain significant (viz. Personal attitude and Personal Behavioral control)


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