I have a dataset with two groups namely "treatment"(2556 records) and "control"(2525 records). The underlying data is about customer and group-wise number of customer care calls.

The customer care calls(ccCount) can take values from 0 to 6. The ratio of customer care calls of treatment group is 8.06(206/2556) and of control group is 6.7(170/2525). The problem is to check whether treatment ratio and control ratio are similar/equal or not.

I have applied t.test in R and got p-value = 0.1361. So, I am concluding based on p-value>0.05, both ratios are statistically equal.

t.test(Data$ccCount[Data$TreatmentType=='Treatment'], Data$ccCount[Data$TreatmentType=='Control'])

Please let me know is mentioned approach is correct and suggest other approach if not correct.


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