I have a 2x4 mixed ANOVA design for my experiment which has one between-subject factor (group-type) with 2 levels (native and non-native) and one within-subject factor (no. of repetition) with 4 levels (rep1, 2,3 & 4). I ran this mixed ANOVA and found the main effects of both factors but no interaction effect. I can see that there is a significant difference between both groups (natives > non-natives). Also, I can see that repetitions are significantly different from each other.

Now, I want to see how repetitions look like in both groups separately, for example, in the native group, are they different from each other, or are they different from each other in the non-native group? Basically the ANOVA for the main effect of repetition.

Do I need to run repeated measure ANOVA for each group separately? How can I approach this problem? Any suggestion will be helpful!


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