I use SPSS for my data analysis and cannot seem to think of a proper test to test my hypothesis. I have three independent variables (1. direct emotion expression, 2. indirect emotion expression and 3. no emotion expression). Each variable consists of 3-4 items with a 7-point Likert scale. It could be that participants score high on all these independent variables, e.g. scoring high on direct expression does not exclude that you can also score high on indirect or no expression). My dependent variable is a relational outcome, which is also formed by 3 items on a 7-point Likert. I want to find out if these independent variables have a different influence on my dependent variable, for example if someone who scores high on direct expression also scores high on the relational outcome/dependent variable.

I have two hypotheses: 1. Direct expression will lead to a higher outcome than indirect or no expression. 2. Indirect expression will lead to a higher outcome than no expression.

What statistical test can I use to test these assumptions? In my other cases, I have two different independent variables which are categorical and use ANOVA in that case. But in this case, my independent variables are not categorical, but are scales which are formed from the means of the underlying items. I would be glad if someone has an idea on how to solve this. Have a nice weekend. Best, Sandra


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