I am trying to replicate Statas reghdfe in R.

in Stata:

webuse nlswork, clear
reghdfe ln_w  age ttl_exp tenure not_smsa south, abs(idcode year)  cluster(idcode)

in R: Load the data & libraries:

df = read.dta13("http://www.stata-press.com/data/r14/nlswork.dta")

Using lfe package does not return the same standard errors:

## using lfe
model5 = felm(ln_wage ~    age + ttl_exp + tenure+  not_smsa  + south
          | idcode + year | 0 | idcode , 
          data = df, exactDOF=TRUE)

Using plm does get it right, but does not allow for two way clustering:

## using plm
model5 = plm( ln_wage ~   grade + age + ttl_exp + tenure+  not_smsa  + south  
            , data=df, index=c('idcode', 'year'), model="within", effect ="twoways")  # time and id fixed effects

coeftest(model5, vcov=vcovHC(model5,type="HC0",cluster="group")) # <- this gives clustered errors

How can I modify felm to get Stata reghdfe clustered standard errors? What are the difference in implementations that yield those differences?


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