I am confused about statistical analysis of an experiment in which there are two groups of subjects i.e. experimental & control. Each group goes through a treatment and multiple readings of reaction time for the behavioral task are recorded at three different time periods i.e. pre-during-post. The behavioral tasks also has 3 different categories of trials i.e. congruent-incongruent-neutral appearing randomly on the screen. I am a beginner SPSS user and I am trying to use mixed ANOVA design if it's suitable for the current design but I am not really sure if mixed ANOVA would be suitable or not and if it is suitable then how to input the data in the table.

Experiment Design Summary: 2 groups of subjects with 10 subjects in each, same task performed at 3 time periods of treatment i.e. pre-during-post, each task contains 210 random trials with 70 for each of the 3 categories.

Looking forward to suggestions. Thank You :)


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