I try to create a sentiment analysis that have 7 classification. Let's say, I have 100.000 unique word (already converted into 100.000 integer) which have the longest input is 41. I created 3 layer embedding, LSTM and Dense Layer.

model = Sequential(); 
model.add(Embedding(100000, 50, input_length = 41))
model.add(LSTM(75, dropout=0.2, recurrent_dropout=0.0)) 
model.add(Dense(7, activation='softmax'))
optimizer = Adam(lr=0.00001)
model.compile(loss='sparse_categorical_crossentropy', optimizer=optimizer, metrics=['accuracy'])

Based on code above, I tried to create the illustration model as below :

enter image description here

From my understanding, Xt is 41 integer that will be an input. The embedding layer will convert every integer into real-valued vector of length 50. Every vector that has been converted will be an input of LSTM layer (X1 - X41)

  1. How many LSTM units created based on the code (as my understanding is 41) ?
    Because of return_sequences & return_state by default false for LSTM layer, so it will become many to one ?
    If so, h41 is the only output value that will be used for classification ?

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