I'm having a dataset, where I created a decision tree. My output variables are binary values. I selected two features and the decision tree was generated using R. This is my code.

latlontree = rpart(Medv ~ Crim + Rm, data=housing_data)

Following is my decision tree

enter image description here

Can someone help me to interpret this decision tree with any branch When I changed my code to following the tree changed like below

latlontree = rpart(Medv ~ Crim + Rm, data=housing_data , method = "class")

What is the difference? Is right hand side of the tree corresponding always to No?


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Right hand side always correspond to no. It means that thé first split of your tree is :

  • left = observations with Rm < 6.5
  • right = obs. with Rm >= 6.5

The values at the bottom of your trees correspond to leaf, and correspond to the probabilty to be Medv = 1 (for the observations that arrived until this leaf)


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