Given AR(1): $$X_t - \mu = \phi(X_{t-1}-\mu) + \epsilon_t$$

where $$ \mu = 0.85 \\ \phi=0.59 $$

and $$ W_t = X_t - X_{t-1} $$

Compute $$ Corr(W_t,W_{t-1})=-0.205 \\ Cov(W_t,W_{t-4})=-0.43 \\ Corr(W_t,W_{t-4})=-0.04 $$

Could anybody help please?

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Hint: use bilinearity $$ \text{Cov}\left(W_{t}, W_{t-1} \right) = \text{Cov}\left(X_t - X_{t-1}, X_{t-1} - X_{t-2} \right) = 2\gamma_X(1) - \gamma_X(2) - \gamma_X(0) $$ where $\gamma_X(h) = \text{Cov}(X_{t+h},X_t)$ is the autocovariance function of your original process.

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