I am working with survey data that contain information at the individual, household and community level. The survey is representative at the national and first-administrative level but provides sampling weights only for individuals and households.

The sampling strategy consists in a two-stage cluster design with the following characteristics:

  • stratification by first-administrative level;
  • optimum allocation distribution for first-administrative level (which minimizes the standard error);
  • selection with probability proportional to the number of households (PPS).

Moreover, within each of first-administrative unit (strata) EAs were selected as PSUs in the first sampling stage (based on PPS). In the second stage a cluster of ten households was selected from the updated household listing, based on a fixed-interval and random-start procedure.

The second level of sample clustering represents a community.

I am willing to run analyses at the community level but the corresponding sampling weights are not provided. How could I weight the communities such that my estimates will be representative at the national level?


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