I'm taking a class where we learn about different sampling techniques. For the most part it has come down to SRS, Ratio/Regression/Difference estimation, Stratified random sampling, Systematic sampling, Cluster sampling and finally Two-Stage cluster sampling.

I know the formulas and that's fine and well but is there a article or page that can explain to me when I should use which technique. For example, in a recent question we did I was going to just use SRS, but then we were told that Difference method to estimate the variance would be better since the population is ordered.


  • $\begingroup$ There are multiple publications on sampling, but there's not an exact 'recipe' for every possible circumstance. I think it really comes down to understanding what each method achieves, and your understanding of the population that you are sampling. Sometimes multiple methods would work, but one will be the best option because it can provide you with more information for a given sampling effort, in the particular circumstances of your population. $\endgroup$ – Izy Jun 20 at 10:07

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