While implementing Batch Normalization for a particular layer 'L' with 'n' hidden neurons/units in a Neural Network, we first normalize the Activation values of that layer using their respective Mean and Standard Deviation, and then apply the Scaling and Offset factor as shown:

X-norm = (X - mu)/sd
X' = (Y * X-norm) + B

mu = mean of X and it is a (n,1) vector
sd = standard deviation of X and it is also a (n,1) vector
X = Activation values of layer 'L' with dimension (n,m) if mini-batch size = m
X-norm = normalized X with dimension (n,m)
Y = Gamma / Scaling factor
B = Beta / Offset factor

Now my question is, what are the dimensions of Gamma and Beta ? Are they (n,1) vectors or are they (n,m) matrices ? My intuition says that since they somewhat are analogous to the Mean and Standard Deviation, they should be (n,1) vectors.


Gamma and Beta are just scalars for each layer, making the mean and variance of the layer unnecessarily being 0 and 1.


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