Any suggestions for presenting results from robust ANCOVA (WRS2 package in r) in a table for publication?

I understand the interpretation of the p-values such that if for example, 8/9 p-values are >0.05, I would say there are NO statistically significant differences between groups with trimmed means when adjusting for the covariate.

But given that there is no F-statistic or degrees of freedom in the output, I can't meaningfully report regression parameters.

Here is reminder of the R output: [Robust ANCOVA Output

I've looked at papers that have cited Mair & Wilcox's Robust Statistical Methods in R Using the WRS2 Package but can't find an example. I've seen this thread for 1-way ANOVA, but it doesn't quite get to my issue. How to report robust anovas (WRS2::t2way and t3way): no df


  • $\begingroup$ Include the parts of the table that are relevant to the claims you make in the paper. At the very least include the differences and standard errors. Try and have a look at a package like xtable, or kable to tidy up the results. Personally I would comment that the copy-pasted output with hashtags preceding them looks unprofessional. As to F-statistics, if you feel those are necessary for commenting on the rest of the summary, have a look at the vignette. $\endgroup$ – Frans Rodenburg Jul 12 at 1:27

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