I am trying to model the association between "previous 2 year history of no shows for consult (independent variable)" with current no shows (dependent variable) using a logistic regression model. The independent variable is measured as:

$\dfrac{number \thinspace of \thinspace missed \thinspace appointments \thinspace * 100 \thinspace }{total \thinspace number \thinspace of \thinspace appointments}$

The dependent variable is binary (Yes/No).

The Odds Ratio we observe = 14.05

The independent variable will be 0% for those who do not miss any appointments.


  1. What does this odds ratio tell us?

  2. Is it ok to use the independent variable as a ratio ?

  3. If answer on Question 2 is no, how can we model the independent variable?

  • $\begingroup$ "The Odds Ratio we observe = 14.05" comes from logistic regression or other sources? $\endgroup$ – user158565 Jul 19 at 1:52

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