I have a Dataframe that contains 2 columns:

'Skills' column - each cell contains a list of strings describing different technical and soft skills of a person, e.g: [Python,SQL,Java,Team Management,Teamwork,Communication skills]

'Status' column (target column to predict) - categorical column with 2 categories: Passed / Failed.

I would like to create a machine learning model to predict the 'Status' of a person using the list of skills as input. (Each person can have a different number of skills). I am new to the world of text classification, and I would like to know how to prepare the data for modeling. How should I handle the 'Skills' column and which libraries should I use?



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You can start with scikit-learn, and try a naive bayes classifier:

import pandas as pd
from sklearn.feature_extraction.text import CountVectorizer
from sklearn.naive_bayes import BernoulliNB

example dataframe

df = pd.DataFrame({"skills":[["Python","SQL","Java","Team Management","Teamwork","Communication skills"],["Java"]], "status": ["Passed","Failed"]})

some text normalization

translation = {"Team Management": "Team_Management","Communication skills":"Communication_skills"}

df["skills"] = df["skills"].apply(lambda row: [translation.get(x,x) for x in row])

df["skills"] = df["skills"].apply(lambda x: " ".join(x))


vectorizer = CountVectorizer(binary=True)

X = vectorizer.fit_transform(df["skills"])

y = df["status"]

model training

model = BernoulliNB()
model.fit(X, y)


test= vectorizer.transform(["Python SQL Java Team_Management", "Java"])


that will return

array(['Passed', 'Failed'], dtype='<U6')

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