I want to create a cnn to draw bounding boxes around individual handwritten words. Ideally I would input a picture of a filled piece of notebook paper and get a cropped image of each word (they don't have to be in order or classified). I would like to use YOLOv2 with a fine grid (maybe 19x38) to obtain the bounding boxes, but I have heard that it does not preform well on small objects. Before I start researching and trying to implement YOLOv3, I wanted to come here to make sure that YOLOv2 would indeed not work for this application and if YOLO would even work at all. Should I use YOLOv3 with only the smallest scale? I was also wondering if I could reduce the number of filters/layers since I don't have any classes and I am only trying to detect words. Should I tweak the initial filter size to detect only small objects? I understand I am asking a lot of questions, I just need some guidance on how to structure the network. Should I use a custom architecture or one of the standardized YOLO ones. I am unfamiliar with how the number of filters/layers and the size of each filter affects what information will be picked up/preserved by the network. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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