I have a data set that was collected in form of a liker scale through questioners. Now, i am trying to eliminate or identify outliers in my data. By far, from all that i have been able to search, outliers do not apply to my type of data since its a likert scale, the only possible values are between 1 - 5, and thus no possible value can be an outlier.

What i am looking for as of right now is any thesis in which the scholar has done so (i.e stating that outliers do not apply since data is in 5 point scale). So that i can cite that thesis in my thesis ?

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    $\begingroup$ What constitutes an "outlier" is up to you. If I had a dataset of a hundred replies on a five point scale, and one is a 5 but the others are all 1s and 2s, I would likely characterize the 5 as an outlier. More subtly--this happened to me once on a teaching evaluation--what if one respondent systematically misinterpreted the scale, writing "1" instead of "5," "2" instead of "4," and so on. It's possible such responses wouldn't look out of place on any individual question, but collectively would be obviously very different. Thus, I strongly doubt there is any such thesis to cite. $\endgroup$ – whuber Aug 24 at 13:49

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