I have a process which writes statistics from a server system to a file each second in this format:

label1 label2 label3
344 666 787
344 849 344
939 994 344

There are a number of different values which I need graphs for, and each value is added to the bottom of the file each second.

I am looking for a nice way to show these numbers graphically, preferably a program which auto-updates each second and shows the different graphs.

Can anyone recommend such a program for mac? Preferably a free one :)


I had really good luck with the KDE program kst:

Kst is the fastest real-time large-dataset viewing and plotting tool available and has basic data analysis functionality. Kst contains many powerful built-in features and is expandable with plugins and extensions. Extensive help is available, both from within Kst and on the web. Kst is licenced under the GPL and is freely available for anyone.

It can handle much higher update frequency than once a second. It also happens to be file-based, but I don't know how much work it is to get this going on OS X.

On Ubuntu and Debian, sudo apt-get install kst is all it takes.


RRDTool looks like it might be exactly what you are looking for. I've never tried to run it on a Mac but it looks like someone has some info on that here: http://rrdtool.darwinports.com/

Good luck!


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