Have been working in Mplus for quite a long time with clustering and mixture analyses and have recently had occasion to consider using Mclust in a collaborative project. However, it is not clear to me either from reading supporting documentation of Mclust or from reviewing other posts whether or not the latest version of Mclust (5.0) is scale-dependent or not in its routines. Is anyone aware of whether one is able to use mixed data types to perform Gaussian mixtures (e.g., Likert-ordinal items, categorical-diagnostic items) in Mclust 5.0?

  • $\begingroup$ For those interested, here is the answer from Luca Scrucca who has authored several technical papers re: Mclust: "Yes mixtures are scale-dependent. No, mclust only allows to model quantitative continuous data." $\endgroup$ – Jhaltiga68 Sep 16 '19 at 0:52

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