I'm a PhD student at the University of São Paulo, Brazil, and I'm conducting experiments with multispectral analysis of soybean seeds.

I have reflectance data for 8 different soybean seed samples, whose data were obtained from 19 spectral wavelengths. I want to relate these data to the test data of: (i) germination (percentage of dead seeds, normal and abnormal seedlings), (ii) seedling image analysis (vigor index, developmental uniformity and seedling length) , (iii) tetrazolium (viability percentage, vigor and dead seeds).   Note: For each test, eight soybean seed lots were formed and used with different levels (0 to 14%) of immature seeds.

The tests were conducted in a completely randomized design with eight seed lots, each lot divided into 4 replications of 50 seeds.

So which statistic is most appropriate for tying multispectral data for each test conducted later?


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