I am doing competing risk regression. I have three possible functions and one of them produces completely different results than other two. In my dataset I have time to event, status (censored=0, event of interest=1, death=2) and three variables which are all continuous.

The first one is riskRegression().

crr.1<-riskRegression(Hist(f_time, status) ~ var1+var2+var3, data = dataset, cause = 1,link="prop")

The second one is comp.risk().

crr.2<-comp.risk(Event(f_time, status)~
const(var1)+const(var2)+const(var3),data= dataset,

And the final is crr().

crrMat <- model.matrix(object = ~ var1 + var2 + var3, data = dataset)
crrMat <- crrMat[,-1]

crr.3 <- crr(ftime=dataset$f_time, fstatus=dataset$status,cov1=crrMat, failcode = 1,cencode  = 0)

The problems is that results from crr.1 and crr.2 are similar but result from crr.3 is totally different. They should be all doing the same thing?


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