I am new to R. I wanted to create an ARIMA(1,0,0) model which simulates data with the coefficient been 0.1. I used the following code:

## list description for AR(1) model with small coef
AR.sm <- list(order=c(1,0,0), ar=0.1, sd=0.0001)

## simulate AR(1)
AR1.sm <- arima.sim(n=50, model=AR.sm)

## setup plot region
## get y-limits for common plots
ylm <- c(min(AR1.sm), max(AR1.sm))

## plot the ts
plot.ts(AR1.sm, ylim=ylm,
        main=expression(paste(phi," = 0.1")))


The std and mean of the data is:

[1] "Mean: 0.202367015812633"
[1] "Std: 1.03631583857173"

The problem is, no matter what I assign to the sd parameter (0.1, 1, 10), the standard deviation that is computed in the last line is about 1.
Why is it like this?


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It looks like sd is not part of model but needs to be specified separately. The following does what you want:

AR.sm <- list(order=c(1,0,0), ar=0.1)
AR1.sm <- arima.sim(n=50, model=AR.sm, sd=0.0001)

I got this idea from the examples in the help file of arima.sim:

arima.sim(n = 63, list(ar = c(0.8897, -0.4858), ma = c(-0.2279, 0.2488)), sd = sqrt(0.1796))

As you can see, sd is outside of the parenthesis of the model part.


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