The CMU professor is using the term "attribute" here

They are 1 2 3 4 5 6 attributes

to describe TABLE 2.1 in Tom M. Mitchell. Machine Learning (free)

enter image description here

usually, those 6 columns are also called features, so, there are 6 features in that table.

That professor uses the term "candidate feature" here

Every potential binary function is a candidate feature

obviously, "candidate feature" is different to "feature".

Does candidate feature means the point in feature space?

Note: There are 6 features while the number of candidate features in this example is $2^{96}$


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Candidate features are all given characteristics of an instance [Sky, AirTemp, Humidity, Wind, Water, Forecast] which come into consideration to predict its class label [EnjoySport].

Model accuracy and training speed can be significantly compromised by irrelevant or redundant features which can lead to overfitting. Hence, it might be a good idea to remove superfluous features before fitting (feature selection).

The ones you end up using to train your classifier are called features.


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