We are conducting research to examine a relationship between some triggers and migraine with aura.

therefore, we conduct logistic regression for the significant relationships to know the adjusted odd ratio. (odd ratio of diagnosed/undiagnosed) however, the odd ratio is less than 1

enter image description here

so should I report the result as (it is less likely to the patient who is diagnosed to have migraine with aura when he eats hotdog)? or am I misunderstanding the interpretation?

second question: how I can report this result enter image description here

thank you so much


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Yes, you could report it that way.

The probability of the outcome when eat_hotdog17=0 is

$$ p = \dfrac{1}{1+\exp(-0.814)} \approx 30\% $$

When eat_hotdog=1

$$ p = \dfrac{1}{1+\exp(-0.814 - 0.464)} \approx 21\% $$


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