So what I am doing is this:

#Set mean, s as standard deviation, variance, valores (range of values)
valores = np.arange(-10,10,0.01)
mean =2
s = 3
variance = np.square(s)

# Calculate the pdf
pdf = np.exp(-np.square(valores-mean)/2*variance)/(np.sqrt(2*np.pi*variance))

# Plot it:
plt.plot( valores, pdf)

If I set s=3, my graph is: enter image description here

Now if I set s=6, my graph is: enter image description here

Now, since I increased standard deviation (s from 3 to 6) shouldn't the curve look more "open" or dispersed, not squeezed?


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You made a slight parentheses error, your pdf should look like this, with the variance in the denominator of the exponential:

pdf = np.exp(-np.square(valores-mean)/(2*variance))/(np.sqrt(2*np.pi*variance))
  • $\begingroup$ Thanks lennart! What a silly mistake I made $\endgroup$ Jan 16, 2020 at 19:31

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