I am trying to find the best solution to create a "model" and presentation of the following challenge:

I have several products which shall be bought from as few suppliers as possible. For each product I have several supplier options.

My data look something like this:

Products and suppliers

I am now trying to do two things:

  1. Find a way to cluster my products at as few suppliers as possible, and
    1. a graphical presentation of 1.

My first attempt was to transform the data encoding to "hot-one" encoding with the following code:

test.df <- gather(data.Jan20, "Supplier", "Name", 7:14)
dmy <- as.data.table(test.df)
dmy <- dmy[,c("Name","Product")] 
dmy <- one_hot(dmy, cols = "auto", dropCols = TRUE, dropUnusedLevels = TRUE,sparsifyNAs = TRUE )

I think this leads me in the right direction, however I am stuck on how to optimize and present the results now.

Any advise to this practical question would be greatly appreciated.


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