In the Angrist, Mastering metrices book (page 118, chapter 3, Instrumental variable) Assigned and delivered treatments in the MDVE Angrist calculated "recidivism was greater among suspects assigned to be coddled than among those assigned to be arrested."

using the estimation :Equation :3.3

I am having very hard time how they come up with those number.i think the first term E[Y_i\z_i=1]=(#person get aressted)/(#Given their Assigned Treatment was coddled/Not arrested)=(19+26)/(108+104). However i can't find hoe they calculated the second term Term=.097

Moreover i also can't understand how they come up with those number: Recidivism

This is my first post to the forum and i am trying to learn econometrics as a self study. if anyone could help in this regard i will highly appreciate that. Thanks


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