I have 3 variables one categorical gender and the others are the IQBefore and IQAfter which are the IQ collected for the same person before and after playing a game.

I need to make a descriptive statistics for the IQBefore and IQAfter (grouped by gender) comparing its descriptive effect on each gender.

what I did is:

using spss: Analyze > Descriptive statistics > Explore

in the Explore box, I have chosen IQBefore and IQAfter in the Dependent List, while gender in the factor list.

I just want to know is there anything I'm doing wrong or need to add to accomplish my descriptive test and are the proper graphs 'Histogram' and 'Stem-and-leaf' to represent them?


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For such data I would start out with visualization, in this case a Bland-Altman plot (or Tukey mean-difference plot.) For an example, see Bland & Altman plot for repeated measures using one measuring device.

In this case, maybe plotting on the x axis the IQbefore, and on the y-axis the change score IQafter-IQbefore. Then color the points according to gender.

For more advice see Best practice when analysing pre-post treatment-control designs.


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