I am examining surveillance data of two diseases. I have frequencies of demographics such as age, sex, race/ethnicity and would like to compare the rates of these demographics between the two diseases. What statistical tests would I use to go about doing this?

In essence, I am aiming to examine two standard "Table 1's", where each table has the demographic breakdown of cases of each disease. Such that:

Disease 1:                        | Disease 2:                          |Comparison test:
Age       cases  Incidence Rate   |    Age      cases   Incidence Rate  |  xxx
   1-10   100      xxx            |      1-10   200       xxx           |  xxx
   11-20  260      xxx            |      11-20   60       xxx           |  xxx
   21-31  157      xxx            |      21-31  257       xxx           |  xxx
Race                              |    Race                             |  xxx
  White   317      xxx            |      White  450       xxx           |  xxx
  Black   200      xxx            |      Black   67       xxx           |  xxx

I am unsure how to approach this, and maybe I am thinking about this in the wrong way.


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