1. what i mean train/split ratio is that i've very few images to train model on so is it possible to allocate 100% images to train split and ignore test split entirely?

link to project here https://medium.com/@ije_good/object-detection-on-satellite-imagery-using-retinanet-part-1-training-e589975afbd5

  1. Find on page this line - ap.add_argument("-s", "--split", default = 0.8, type = float, help = "train/test split") - basically it's an argument

My initial objective is to test the model aka proof of concept only cuz i don't have a lot of images to start with! currently only 100 but i'll give it a try anyways

Problem: The script is written by someone else -https://towardsdatascience.com/object-detection-on-aerial-imagery-using-retinanet-626130ba2203

but i don't necessarily know the entire workflow/ structure of this script so i want to run it with lowest validation data possible with without breaking the model...just sharpening my coding skill! i'm not a pro but it takes time..

How do you set the following code in colab notebook tobe 100% of my dataset? https://colab.research.google.com/drive/1RVG7MqoGnIku0oXPSMjmT_T-o1aU9y_O

need help! thanks


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