I am running a truncated normal regression and a lognormal regression as the second part of a double hurdle model. The dependent variable is transaction revenue and I have several independent variables, some numerical and some categorical coded as dummy variables. The truncated normal regression is left-truncated at point 0.

I use the following line of code for the truncated normal regression:

amount_reg <- truncreg(transactionRevenue ~ . - logTransactionRevenue, data = data_modelling_omit)

and this for the lognormal regression:

amount_reg_log <- glm(logTransactionRevenue ~ . - transactionRevenue, data = data_modelling_omit, family = gaussian)

I want to compare the coefficients returned from the two models. How do I make coefficients comparable? Can I interpret the coefficients from the truncated regression directly, or do I have to calculate marginal effects?


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