Hy everyone, im new to ds, so please,be kind. i've this dataset

  age wkswrkd rich
1  50      52   no
2  41      20   no
3  24      52   no
4  50      52   no
5  51       1   no
6  57       0   no

where i have, 2 discrete variables(works week per year and age) and a dummy one ( which is rich). My goal is trying to let visible that the rich people works really hard(so having highest value into wkswrkd variable).

Currently the best i could do is this require(scatterplot3d) scatterplot3d(age,wkswrkd,(age^2*wkswrkd^2)*num,angle = 45, color = 'darkblue',pch = 16 , box = FALSE)

where num is 0 when 'rich' = 'no' else '1'

I have to do this in order to let visualize that is possible to use a linear classifier. enter image description here I can't divide by color rich people from non rich. Any idea or any suggest ? Thank you so much in advance


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