New here so apologies if I do not explain myself as well as I should.

I have survey data of 2 decisions that participants make: the decision to vaccinate themselves (yes/no) and their children (yes/no), as well as some characteristics of the participants (e.g. age, gender, income level, etc). I essentially want to estimate the impact of these characteristics on the joint decision to vaccinate oneself and their child.

As the decision to vaccinate oneself and one's child are correlated, and it is possible that the self vaccination decision may precede the child vaccination decision (or vice versa), I am thinking of running a two stage model. I'm having trouble finding one where I could run a logit or probit (for a dichotomous dependent variable) for both stages. I have already run a SUR model and a bivariate probit, but wanted to ask if there are any other models that can consider the fact that these two variables may sequentially influence each other and both are dichotomous. Any suggestions welcome. Thanks!


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