I have understood that one commonly adds log(exposure) as an offset in the formula for GLMs, when dealing with poisson distributed rate data. I am dealing with insurance claim data where I want to predict the frequency i.e. #Claims/Exposure using a regression tree in R. My question is whether it is reasonable to add an log(exposure) offset here aswell? See code below for an example of what I would like to do.


tree <- rpart ( claims ~ age + ac + power + gas + brand + area + dens + ct
+ offset ( log ( expo )) ,
data = dat , method =" poisson ", parms = list ( shrink =1) ,
control = rpart . control ( xval =10 , minbucket =10000 , cp =0.001))

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You can check out section 8 of the rpart vignette, and they write:

The y variable for Poisson partitioning may be a two column
matrix containing the observation time in column 1 and the number of events in column 2

So we can try that for an example:


dat = MASS::Insurance
mdl = rpart(as.matrix(dat[,c("Holders","Claims")]) ~ District + Group + Age,data=dat,method="poisson")

enter image description here

And we can check the fit versus the rate:


enter image description here


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