I implemented Isomap and I plan to use it as a feature extraction technique for a classification task.

My problem is that although I can map the training data into a lower dimensional space, how can I use the same mapping for a separate test dataset?


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Applying the mapping to test data is called the out-of-sample problem. Take a look at the following paper to see a solution for Isomap:

Bengio, Yoshua, et al. Out-of-sample extensions for lle, isomap, mds, eigenmaps, and spectral clustering. Advances in neural information processing systems 16 (2004): 177-184.


As far as I know, the Isomap in scikit-learn implements out-of-sample isomap:



I solved the problem like this; solve Train*W = Y for W, map using Test*W.

But other contributions are welcome.

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  • $\begingroup$ @ssdecontrol: Not only is this answer unclear, it is also clearly wrong, because Isomap is not a linear method. -1. $\endgroup$
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