Say I'm estimating a regression of several variables through FE estimator,

$$ y_{it} = \alpha + v_i + \sum_{j} \beta_j x^j_{it} + \epsilon_{it} $$

and I have reason to suspect the $k$-th variable to be endogenous, hence I expect its coefficient to be biased.

But, the focus of my analysis is not on the $k$-th variable, rather on a different one, I am including variable $k$ only because I think it is an important variable in relation to $y_i$.

How bad will not including an instrument be? Will this bias other coefficients? If I picture the geometry of this, trying to fit a (hyper)plane through a set of points, the answer should be yes, altering one of the coefficient will have repercussion in how the other one fits.

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In the extreme, omit an important variable. That biases the coefficient by forcing it to be zero.

When you do that, you can get incorrect signs on the remaining variables...major bias, indeed.

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