I want to use the crossCorrelation function from the R package https://rdrr.io/cran/spatialEco/man/crossCorrelation.html spatialEco to examine the relationship between people's perceptions and the environmental condition. I have the code working but do not know what specific numbers indicate. My results are as follows. What is a correct interpretation of the spatial stats? What is the correct interpretation of the "High.High High.Low Low.High Low.Low" values?

Moran's-I under randomization assumptions... First-order Moran's-I: 7.832196 First-order p-value: 0 Chen's SCI under randomization assumptions...

Summary statistics of local partial cross-correlation [xy] Min:-443.641 1st Qu: -39.116 Median: 1.451 Mean: 7.828 3rd Qu:54.676 Max:388.421

p-value based on 2-tailed t-test: 0 p-value based on 2-tailed t-test observations above/below CI: 0

High.High: 395 High.Low: 482 Low.High: 326 Low.Low: 525


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