I've built a multivariate linear mixed effect model with 3 dependent variables and a repeated measures factor. My data follows a hierarchical structure where participants are nested within groups.

my model is as follows:

model <- lmer(value ~ variable:Time -1 + (0 + variable | Group/Participant), data = Fixed_Data

I'm attempting to calculate the overall r-squared for this model, and have been following this post.

As such, i've used this code:


I'm a little iffy about this though, as I'm receiving an r-square of 90+%

To compare, I've calculated this multivariate analysis as three individual univariate analyses:

model1 <- lmer(DV1 ~ Time + (1|Group/Participant), data = Data) ...

When calculating the r-squared for these models, I'm getting r-squares of under 10% each.

Is the discrepancy between these r-square values normal? Is calculating an r-square for a multivariate linear mixed effect model possible?


  • $\begingroup$ Did you try different packages? Eg does performance::r2() give similar or identical results? $\endgroup$ – Daniel Jun 3 at 20:08

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